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January 2008


Successfully Speak Up Toastmasters Club

Club 6375, District 38


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January 11th and 25th Meeting Notes



Calendar of Events

Special Announcements







January 11th Meeting Notes

We kicked off the New Year with an excellent meeting.  The theme for the evening was “Kids—Who Needs Em?”.  The Toastmaster for the evening was Jacqueline.  Jacqueline started the meeting by introducing Joe as the Joke Master of the day.  The Word Master of the day was Thaine and the word of the day was neologism.   Some members and guests did an excellent job including the word of the day throughout the speeches, evaluations, and table topics.

There were three prepared speeches for the evening.  Each of the speeches provided information on the theme topic of the evening.  Susan went first with a speech titled “The Rock Dove.” She definitely provided some great information on true facts and some of the positive aspects of having kids.  Susan’s evaluator for the evening was Nancy.  Nancy did a great job on providing very good feedback and improvement opportunities.

Thaine delivered the 2nd speech called “The Six (sometimes Eight and Occasionally Four) Spinning Disks of the Apocalypse.”  He certainly did a great job on providing a funny approach to the nuisance of baby strollers.  Russ delivered the evaluation for Thaine’s speech. 

In the third speech, Jacqueline revealed a very personal speech entitled “The Best Christmas Ever.”  Her evaluation was completed by Mary Jane.

The Table Topics Master for the evening was Kei who challenged the participants to talk about something that related to Dr. Seuss.  The Table Topics participants for the evening did a great job stepping up to this challenging topic  

The General Evaluator for the evening was Thaine.  The Grammarian’s report and Ah Counter report were provided and the Timer’s report was delivered by Dia.

Announcements regarding some upcoming events included the Feb. 22nd Speech Contest and Evaluator Contest.  Officers meeting TBD and the upcoming Youth Toastmasters graduation ceremony were also mentioned..


Calendar of Events


Club Officer Training

January 30th at Munich Re-America


Club International Speech and Evaluation Contest

February 22nd

Club Speech Contest


New Member Initiation

February 22nd


Area International Speech and Evaluation Contest

Tuesday, March 18th at NJDOT in Trenton





Special WELCOME to all of our New Members that have joined Successfully Speak-up for the 2007-2008 Year







Gian Paolo


Guest Speaker for our February 8th meeting

Loretta from ETS Toastmasters will be joining us as a Guest Speaker for the February 8th meeting.  Loretta is a very experienced speaker and has been a past winner of the Division F Humor Speech Contest.  We are very excited she will be speaking for us at our next meeting.  All members of SSU are encouraged to come to the February 8th meeting.




January 25th Meeting Notes


The meeting on January 25th was led by Toastmaster, Rosemary, who helped us start the meeting off effortlessly.  Rosemary introduced Thaine as the Joke Master.  Thaine also provided the word of the day, which was “nascent” meaning “coming into being.”


Two prepared speeches were next on the agenda.  Jacqueline  started things off with a very informative speech about text messaging in her speech titled “This is not the Old School Shorthand.” Susan provided a very thorough evaluation for Jacqueline’s speech.


Thaine then presented his speech called “Who ARE You ?!?!?!?!?” He definitely help bring us all up to speed on the pros and cons of some of the new technology used in today’s world and even presented his very own facebook page.  Deboleena composed his evaluation for the evening.


Joe was introduced as the Table Topics Master.  Joe definitely tested all of our skills in his topic for the evening involving “Chan-isms”. Table Topics speakers included Susan, Thaine, (guest and newest member) Gian Paolo, Jacqueline, and (guest) Lucinda.  We were all very impressed that both our new guests were courageous to tackle such a difficult topic and truly master it on their first try.  Gian Paolo delivered an outstanding first time Table Topics message and was voted the outstanding Table Topics speaker for the evening!


The General Evaluator, Jacqueline, introduced the Grammarian and Ah Counter for the night, Thaine.  Dia gave the Timer’s Report.


Announcements for the evening included information on the upcoming Club International Speech & Evaluation Contest to be held on Feb. 22nd.  The officer meeting on Jan. 27th and Club officer training on Jan. 30th were also mentioned.  Susan also mentioned that we will have a guest speaker at our next meeting and encouraged us all to come and take part in the meeting.