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February 2008


Successfully Speak Up Toastmasters Club

Club 6375, District 38


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February 8th and 29th Meeting Notes



Calendar of Events

Special Announcements






February 8th Meeting Notes

Thaine served as the Toastmaster for the evening.   One of our newest members stepped up and gave the Joke of the day.  Our word of the day was reluctant, which was one of the easier words to incorporate throughout the evening.

The evening was filled with all prepared speeches.  Five in total to be exact.  Susan started everything off with a speech titled “For the Birds” which was very informative regarding bird watching.  Susan’s evaluator for the evening was Dia. 

Deboleena delivered the 2nd speech called “Experiencing Their World.”  She certainly did a great job on providing very interesting facts about autism.  Jim Samuel provided evaluation for Deboleena’s speech. 

The third speech was delivered by Mary Jane.  Mary Jane’s speech was titled “ Motivating People”.  Mary Jane’s speech was part of an Educational Module so no evaluator was necessary.

Gian Paolo jumped right into the swing of things and delivered his Ice Breaker speech.  Quite an amazing feat considering he has only been a member for one week.  Gian’s speech was titled “Stronger”.  Gian did a great job delivering his very first speech and received some very positive feedback from his evaluator, Deboleena.

The fifth and final speech was given by Jaqueline.  Her speech was titled “After the Storm.”  This was also Jacqueline’s 10th and final speech toward the Competent Communicator manual.  Congratulations to Jaqueline on completing this hurdle.  She was presented with a lapel pin to remind her of this great accomplishment.

The evening was closed out with the final evaluation reports including the Grammarian’s Report by Dia.  The Ah Counter’s Report by Jaqueline and the Timer’s Report by Joe.

Announcements regarding some upcoming events included the Feb. 22nd Speech Contest and Evaluator Contest.    All in all this was a great meeting.


Calendar of Events


New Member Initiation

March 14th


Area International Speech and Evaluation Contest

Tuesday, March 18th at NJDOT in Trenton


Special Announcements!!




Congratulations to Jaqueline

Jaqueline delivered her 10th speech to officially complete the Competent Communicator Manual.  Great Job Jaqueline and we all appreciate your hark work and look forward to helping achieve your next set of goals.


February 29th Meeting Notes

The date for this meeting was actually scheduled for the 22nd but due to weather issues was postponed to the 29th.   This meeting was also our club’s speech contest.  The Contest Master for the evening was Thaine.  Thaine provided a great overview on how the meeting was going to take place and set the stage very well. 

 The first part of the evening was the evaluation contest.  This portion had 3 competitors including Gian Paolo, Jaqueline, and Dia.  Gil delivered the speech for the evaluation contestants.  Positions were drawn and it just so happens that the positions that were drawn were also the order of placement.  Jaqueline came in first.  Dia and Gian were second and third respectively.  Each contestant was given a certificate of participation.


The next portion of the contest was the Club Speech contest.  There were two participants for the evening.  They were Jaqueline and Susan.  Susan took the crown for the evening and will be representing SSU in the upcoming Area Contest on March 18th.


Special thanks go out to all the judges (who shall remain anonymous) and all the additional helpers: Jim, Kei and Loren.  The contest was a success and everyone is looking forward to finding out how our members rank in the upcoming area contest.


Announcements for the evening included information on the Area Contest on March 18th.