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Questioning Person
F requently  A sked  Q uestions

How does Toastmasters work?
New members receive a manual whic contains guidelines for the ten required speeches.
Each speech has a goal. For example, the first speech is "The Icebreaker",
an introduction about yourself. With the completion of the ten speeches,
the member earns a CC(Competent Communicator) certificate.
Advanced programs in communication and leadership are also available.

When do I have to give my speeches?
You give the speeches at your own pace.
You should feel comfortable preparing and practicing your speech.
Schedule your speeches to meet your own goals.

How do I know how well I am doing?
You are assigned an evaluator for each speech you give.
The evaluator provides positive feedback and constructive criticism.

How can I practice before giving my speech?
During regular meetings there are many opportunities to get up in front of the group to speak.
You may volunteer for the Word of the Day, the Joke of the Day or Table Topics, a question and
answer session which allows volunteers to speak extemporaneously for one to two minutes.

Who belongs to the Club?
Successfully Speak Up Toastmasters is a diverse group.
Most of us are professionals in occupations including computer programmers, teachers,
writers, sales, managers, and scientists. For some, English is a second
language. We all share a desire to meet others and learn to communicate with ease and effectiveness.

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